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"Cooperative Innovation, Win-Win Future" Medical Imaging Product Seminar


Since the comprehensive development of the medical imaging industry, Nanyang Jiuding has achieved success.

In order to better serve the informationization of the medical industry and create more business opportunities for partners, Nanyang Jiuding Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and OKI Rizhao Commercial Co., Ltd. held a cooperation and innovation in Nanyang, Henan on August 24th. Future "themed medical imaging product seminar. Yan Yuanli, Chairman of Nanyang Jiuding, and Wang Yan, General Manager of OKI Medical Imaging Division attended the meeting. In the tide of medical informatization reform, Jiuding will continue to plow in the field of medical imaging, step forward, and implement the concept of mutual benefit.


The seminar provides a communication platform based on Jiuding Medical Film and OKI Medical Imaging Printer. Medical industry agents can exchange industry information and business solutions.

At the seminar, the chairman of Jiuding Company introduced the current products, based on the current situation, improved product quality, and steadily promoted the development and production of domestic thermal film.

OKI has elaborated on how to find value points in the medical system reform and the medical informationization tide.

The agents also had a full exchange between them, and the agent representatives believed that they were related to each other and that they would lead to a win-win situation. Get rid of the state of individual combat, each agent can play its own advantages and cooperate in a team manner, so that the sense of the market will be more sensitive, which is conducive to seize every market opportunity.




As a hospitality for friends from afar, during the conference, Jiuding also selected a sightseeing route for everyone to lead the seminar members to enjoy the natural history of Nanyang.


The prospects for medical imaging are infinite. In the days to come, I hope that all agents can communicate with each other through this seminar. With the strength of all of you, Jiuding will maintain a rapid momentum and continue to write honors.