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Inkjet Medical X-ray film

basic information


Name: Inkjet Medical X-ray film 

Substrate: blue PET (polyester film)

Packing: 100/box 5/10 box/box

Thickness: 210 microns

[Common size]

8x10inch, 10x12 inch, 11x14inch, 13x17 inch, 14x17inch, A4, A3, etc.

[Imaging color]

Black and white/color


       This product was suitable for color printers to replace the traditional silver salt film such as DR, CR, CT in the medical industry. The inkjet film is ready to be taken without waiting, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, waterproof and non-fading. Suitable for long-term preservation, can be stored for more than 20 years.

Professional: For medical imaging imaging characteristics, tailor-made, patented technical quality, beautiful appearance, delicate touch, high resolution, intuitive diagnosis.

Efficacy: Improve industry standards, improve hospital grades, and enhance patient satisfaction.

Environmental protection: PET material, environmental protection concept, green products.

[Applicable printer model]

Canon, Epson, HP inkjet printer. 

[Precautions for saving use]

1. Take care to prevent direct sunlight from igniting the coating.

2. Keep the temperature at 10 °C - 23 °C, relative humidity 30% - 65%, keep away from heat.

3. Try to be cool, dry and dust-free in the room. Even the fine dust will affect the printing effect of the film.

4. There should be no acid or alkaline gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and formaldehyde in the storage room.

5. The stacking method should avoid excessive ballasting of gravity, and use vertical shelf storage to prevent the long-term heavy pressure coating from separating from the substrate.

6 When using, be careful not to mistake the printed surface of the film, and do not touch the printed surface of the film with wet hands, so as not to cause the printing coating to not receive the ink well.

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